Crime Report

Our language teacher, Pilar, asked us to look for a crime report. We had to explain wha is it about, search for passive contructions and prepare the vocabulary.

-This crime report talks about a woman of 31-years-old who has been found dead in a rubbish dump, who brought back memories of the Ángeles Rawson case. This woman was last seen between May 1-16.


«… was recovered …»

«… had disappeared …»

«… had been seen …»

«… has been …»


corpse: a dead body

spokespersons: a person authorized to speak on behalf of another person

delusional: the act of deluding or state of being deluded

lodging: a room or rooms rented for residence


Dumb Martian – Test

We had to choose two questions to do from Pilar´s Blog to do the test. Here are mine´s.

1.Discuss the full significance of the title of the story.

The significanse of «Dumb Martian» is that Duncan thought that Lellie was a stupid, usless martian, but that wasn´t true, Lellie was very inteligent.

2.“She was a dumb Mart”. This phrase is repeated often throughout the story. Do you agree? Explain with reference to Lellie’s actions.

In my opinion, Lellie wasn´t a dumb martian. Actually she was a very clever martian because she learnt how to write, play chess, read and more very fast. At the beginning the agent says “[…] but they were a mighty clever people once” referring to the martians. Also Mr. Winter comments about Lellie being dumb “Yes, Leille is a Mart […] but dumb? she certainly is not”.


Esta é uma charada para que os meninos do Brasil adivinhem. Sabem quem é?!

Esta é uma charada, para que os alunos do Brasil adivinhem!


1. Minha celebridade é um homem
2. Ele tem 66 anos, nasceu no dia 26 de Agosto de 1947.
3. Ele é um escritor, letrista e jornalista brasileiro.
4. Ganhou o prêmio Chevalier de L’Ordre National, a Medalha de Ouro e o prêmio Crystal Award.
5. Sua esposa é Christina Oiticica.
6. Um de seus livros mais famosos é O Alquimista, O Diário de um Mago, Onze Minutos, Brida, As Valkírias, Veronika Decide Morrer e O Aleph.