Passive Voice Test

We had to write a crime report for our Language class. This is the TASK. The following is my report.


Yesterday, 14 of May, a couple had been attacked by a pair of thieves. They were in his car when the thieves struck the window.

The thieves entered shouting that they had to take them to their house. The couple obeyed and when they arrived to their home the thieves hit violent Mr. Groosman and they enclosed Mrs. Groosman at the bathroom.

They took jewels, money, a computer and many things of value. When the thieves cleared off Mrs. Grooman called the police. They interrogated them and to his neighbors if they saw two burly men traversing in the middle of the night. «I listen strange noises, but I believed it was a racoon or some animal of the night, it seems I have been wrong» said Mr. Foster, a neighbour of Mr. and Mrs. Groosman.

Police officers are still looking for them.

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