Crime Story

Our language teacher, Pilar Pando, told us to do a crime story. Here’s my story:

It was a gloomy night. It had been raining heavily. It was late and I was walking home alone when a man of a horrible aspect surprised me.

Firstly he asked me the time, and when I took out my cellphone he grabbed me from the wrist strongly. He kidnapped me! I tried to ask for help, but there was no one in the streets except for the two of us. He was much stronger than me, so I couldn’t get away. He took me to an abandoned house that was at the end of the street. In there he took all my belongings. Then he started to take out my clothes, I resisted, so he hit me violently till I bled.In conclusion he raped me.

In the morning he sent for a ransom to my parents. He had me tied to a chair. Thankfully he fed me. Also he let me to watch a little bit of news. I spent two whole days with him.

Fortunately they found me before paying. The day when they found me, they sent me directly to the hospital, my parents went to see me, and my father made sure that horrible man stayed in prison for a long time.

Passive Voice Test

We had to write a crime report for our Language class. This is the TASK. The following is my report.


Yesterday, 14 of May, a couple had been attacked by a pair of thieves. They were in his car when the thieves struck the window.

The thieves entered shouting that they had to take them to their house. The couple obeyed and when they arrived to their home the thieves hit violent Mr. Groosman and they enclosed Mrs. Groosman at the bathroom.

They took jewels, money, a computer and many things of value. When the thieves cleared off Mrs. Grooman called the police. They interrogated them and to his neighbors if they saw two burly men traversing in the middle of the night. «I listen strange noises, but I believed it was a racoon or some animal of the night, it seems I have been wrong» said Mr. Foster, a neighbour of Mr. and Mrs. Groosman.

Police officers are still looking for them.

Crime Report

Our language teacher, Pilar, asked us to look for a crime report. We had to explain wha is it about, search for passive contructions and prepare the vocabulary.

-This crime report talks about a woman of 31-years-old who has been found dead in a rubbish dump, who brought back memories of the Ángeles Rawson case. This woman was last seen between May 1-16.


«… was recovered …»

«… had disappeared …»

«… had been seen …»

«… has been …»


corpse: a dead body

spokespersons: a person authorized to speak on behalf of another person

delusional: the act of deluding or state of being deluded

lodging: a room or rooms rented for residence


Dumb Martian – Test

We had to choose two questions to do from Pilar´s Blog to do the test. Here are mine´s.

1.Discuss the full significance of the title of the story.

The significanse of «Dumb Martian» is that Duncan thought that Lellie was a stupid, usless martian, but that wasn´t true, Lellie was very inteligent.

2.“She was a dumb Mart”. This phrase is repeated often throughout the story. Do you agree? Explain with reference to Lellie’s actions.

In my opinion, Lellie wasn´t a dumb martian. Actually she was a very clever martian because she learnt how to write, play chess, read and more very fast. At the beginning the agent says “[…] but they were a mighty clever people once” referring to the martians. Also Mr. Winter comments about Lellie being dumb “Yes, Leille is a Mart […] but dumb? she certainly is not”.


Letter The Escape

This is a letter we had to make in pairs (I made mine with Sol Di Liscia) based on a short story we read in class, The Escape.

Dear mom,

How are yuh feeling? Are your medical problems improving? I’m not going through a very good moment here. As you know, Alton’s a bully. He abuses me physically and phsycologically. I’m planning to escape for a visit to my dear country, Jamaica. I know it’s a bit risky caw Alton could discover me and dah wouldn’t be suh nice. My best friend, Miz Ruby is helping me. She’s guh to take care of the kids while I’m away. I hope nothing bad happends to them while im in Jamaica. I’m very happy caw its has been a lot of years since the last time I went to Jamaica. Miz Ruby helped me taking the plane tickets and I’m really really excited. The kids support me in this decision and even helped me lying to Alton. Well, I need to leave now, kisses,