Writing transactional letters

Dear Sir,

I am writing to express my strong dissatisfaction with the intensive Spanish Corse.

Firstly, when  I saw your advertisment in the street I  thought it could be a good idea to learn some spanish and you guarantee myself a good acomodation  with a Spanish family but this family was unfriendly.

Secondly, I have not had a high experienced talking this language, because I  have a bad time and they always were shouting and because of it I couldn’t concentrate.

Thirly, and to finish with, I pay for a trip to the City Museun and the trip was canceled and nobody told me. Neither they pass my trip for another day nor, they did not pay the refunded.

I insist and demand a full refund and I hope I will not be forced to take further actions.

Your faithfully,

Sol Di Liscia

Summary Story

Pilar told us to write a summary of a story. Here is my summary, Tomas Borda´s and Luna Perez Muniz´s.

At the next morning the man went away to another village after he slept in the town. When he was going, he saw a road that crossed the countryside and would take him to the village. In a moment he heard a noise and he thought that it was from a car engine. But suddenly a plane appeard out of control. The plane in a moment crushed and the man runned to help the people inside.

Comparing Adjectives

This is a list of opposite adjectives that Pilar Pando has given to us. This will help us when writing compositions.

Corageus – Coward

Crafty – Clumsy

Elegant – Ordinary

Well Mannered – Untidy

Aggressive – Peacefull/Kind/Warm-hearted

Boring – Gripping

Chubby – Skinny/Slim

Deep – Shallow

Deadly – Lively

Active – Lazy

Polite – Rude

Easy-Going – Bad-Munnered

Extrovert – Introvert

Sociable – Timid

Generous – Selfish / Mean

Bright / Smart – Dull/Silly/Fool

Healthy – Unhealthy

Rich – Poor

Mature – Immature

Legal – Illegal

Determined – Weak-Willed

Baggy – Tight

Frayed – New

Dirty – Clean

A Person I Will Never Forget

This is a copy of a writing that Bautista Olaizola did. Pilar Pando asked us to do a copy but in the opposite.


I met Franco 5 years ago, he was a very selfish friend, and his father and mine were very bad friends.

He was so tall, it had long brown hair, brown eyes too and a small nose. He was always playing football, he loved it and he was a very bad player.

Franco wasn’t very funny, he always tells jokes or some boring stories of him, when he was younger he loved to play Playstation. He travelled a lot and didn’t brought any presents. You can’t trust him, i told him many secrets and he said everything I’ve told him.

When he went on a trip i didn’t got bored, I always went to his house when he was there, now he is in Mexico because a football team called him. I will always forget him.